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How many times can I write a sketch to an Arduino

Have durable is the flash memory on the Arduino.  Can I upload different code 100's or 1000's of times without it dying?  I am curious if it various from Actual Arduino to clones.   I am trying multiple programs and tend to write the blink code when done to prevent any odd code running when I am between trials.





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Arduino is nothing more then a break out board with an Atmel ATmega on it with the Arduino bootloader. I don't think Atmel has a reputation for making inferior products. Read the Atmel datasheet to see the specifications of the micro controller.

Thanks OddBot,


  I work with computers daily.  Datasheets tend to be best case.   I was curious as to the quality of the Arduino and what people have seen for actual writes.   I consider the flash memory to be similar to a Thumb Drive.  I have good ones I have been using for years.  I have had some that were cheaper and didn't last 3 months.   





They are generally hard to kill. When they do die it is usually because someone did something stupid.

The Arduino bootloader does not enable the brownout watchdog. I tried it once and found it was too sensitive for use with battery opperated robots. As a result it is possible for the flash memory to be corrupted. In this case it is only a matter of re-burning the bootloader and your good as new.

In rare cases I've heard of a chip getting locked up as a result of accidentally setting the wrong lock bits. This can still be undone but you need a special programmer.

It makes no difference if the board is a clone or not. They all use the same MCU from the same factory.

If you read the datasheet, the Flash memory is rated for 10,000 Write/Erase cycles and the EEPROM is rated for 100,000 Write/Erase cycles.