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Motor Controller

Aahhmm...Behalf of my Majestic Awesomeness, 

I would like to ask a QUESTIONs that bothers me always when thinking about the Purpose of Motor Controller. 

I was reading about the Lessons in How to Make a Robot in http://www.robotshop.com/gorobotics/articles/how-to-make-a-robot-lesson-1 

then I found out that we need Motor Controller in order to control the Actuators.

Micocontroller and Motor Controller must work together in order to operate a Robot.


1st QUESTION: It is NECESSARY to use Motor Controller in 6 DC Geared Motors and 1 servo even though I have a Microcontroller?  

2nd QUESTION: Can I use the Arduino UNO directly to the 6 DC Geared Motors and 1 servo without using a Motor Controller ?


I am here again to BEG some Answers

PLEASE Help me 

Thank you :D 

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Can somebody tell me if this controller work like that :

                            in1      in2       motor status

                            0          0         Stop

                            1       PWM     CW

                           PWM     1        CCW

                             1          1         stop

Essentially, but not exactly.

have a look at page 12, figure 5: http://cache.freescale.com/files/analog/doc/data_sheet/MC33886.pdf

It shows the Truth Table. If you notice, when IN1 and IN2 are both high or both low you are in a "freewheeling" state, rather than a stop state. Also if you use the Disable 1 & 2 leads, you can also have a hi-Z (high impedance) state.


How about this Kind of Motor Controller to control 4 DC motors :D ?


Yes, that looks like it will work also.

Hey, Jay, You came on Shout Box and asked for help on this, but you did not stay there long enough for an answer.

My first answer is that the others below have given you good information, so what is it you still need to know?  Are you having trouble understanding how some answers are worded?

If so, what is it you still do not understand? We will try to explain it in different words.

I do understand the things below... my mind is just on troubles :-)

Troubles?  What sort of troubles?

Question #1 above - Yes

Question #2 above - No


Arduino puts out a signal that may be used to turn things on or off, but only at a limited current level. Most DC motors will take more current than that, so you must amplify the signal. That is what the motor driver does, amplify the signal from the micro controller.


Ahmmmm... I have a Favor for you Sir, can you please Approve my latest post here above, Subjected as " How ABOUT this"

Sorry, I did not notice your question right away.

Yes, the board above will work. It says it has 4 H-bridge circuits as did the Dagu board mentioned