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Motor Controller

Aahhmm...Behalf of my Majestic Awesomeness, 

I would like to ask a QUESTIONs that bothers me always when thinking about the Purpose of Motor Controller. 

I was reading about the Lessons in How to Make a Robot in http://www.robotshop.com/gorobotics/articles/how-to-make-a-robot-lesson-1 

then I found out that we need Motor Controller in order to control the Actuators.

Micocontroller and Motor Controller must work together in order to operate a Robot.


1st QUESTION: It is NECESSARY to use Motor Controller in 6 DC Geared Motors and 1 servo even though I have a Microcontroller?  

2nd QUESTION: Can I use the Arduino UNO directly to the 6 DC Geared Motors and 1 servo without using a Motor Controller ?


I am here again to BEG some Answers

PLEASE Help me 

Thank you :D 

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Jay, You notice that one you picked is a Dagu brand board.

Extra information:  OddBot works for Dagu. I believe that board is one of the ones he designed, so if you happen to buy a Dagu product you are at least indirectly helping one of our fellow roboteers. Beyond that, the Dagu boards are excellant in quality so you would do well to use them.


This is the same controller that I suggested, just from a different shop.

|[O.O]| Seriously...? But The Arduino Sheild is Easier to use right :D is that a Quad Motor Controller or Dual ? :D 

How About This ...? :D http://www.robotshop.com/productinfo.aspx?pc=RB-Cyt-20&lang=en-US

This one is only rated for 3A and cost $38.

YEAH...., I spend my Precious TIME on Internet Exploration just to SEEK/SEARCH the BEST Motor Controller.

And I just realize that it's More Complex to used 6x DC Geared Motors :D so I decided to USE only 4X DC geared Motors.

Then, I have ANOTHER question again 

1st Question :: Is There any Quad Motor Controller aside from Dual ?

2nd Question :: Can a Dual Motor Controller can control 4 DC Geared Motors...?

Thanks Again :D 

There aren't any 6ch motor drivers, you will need to get 3x dual motor driver.

like What...?

can you give me a link on what kind of Motor Controller Do I need to use in 6 DC geared Motors :-)

Look at the motor drivers on SparkFun, Pololu and RobotShop. Read the specifications and determine what suits your budget and motors.

like What...?

can you give me a link on what kind of Motor Controller Do I need to use in 6 DC geared Motors :-)

1. What motors are you going to use? What is their stall current?
You need to know the voltage and stall current to choose a motor driver.

2. What processor are you using? you will need at least 2 pins to control each motor so 6 motor drivers are going to need 12 pins of which 6 will need to be PWM pins. A standard Arduino could do this but you would not be able to use the servo library to control your servo because all of your timers will be used for PWM.

You are Probably going to need an Arduino Mega or DAGU Spider controller. If your battery voltage is too high to run a servo from then the Spider will be a better option because it has a switchmode power supply that can power your servo.

If you only have a standard Arduino then you might want to look for motor drivers with a serial or I2C interface to reduce your pincount.