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PWM motor controller


I have a MC33886 motor controller, I know it is capable to go forward and reverse by using the inputs IN1 or IN2 for choosing what direction you want.

Can you tell me if you know a motor controller pilot by PWM and using only one INPUT ?

Something like:

- time 1= full reverse

- time 50 =stop

- time 100 = full forward

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Just saying you can build one using locked anti phase using a 754110 and 74hc04 chip. Normally you would run it with 0 as full reverse, 128 as stopped, and 255 as full forward pulses. At 128 the positive and negative pulses cancel each other out and make the motor effectively stop. Best sample I've found is here: http://www.wichitabuggywhip.com/robots/mogotut/simplemotor.htm His schematic is only one motor but you can wire up the other the same way using the rest of the chips. Just an idea... Stephen