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basic programming


 its there anyone whos gud programmer in basic language with picaxe 08M?? need help

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Be a little bit more specific. What are you trying to do?
Anyone here who's dealt with a Picaxe should be able to help, there's only small differences between chips other than storage.
tryin to write a program who can do voltage regulation in a boost converter, and always maintain the output at the same value, lets say 12V. lets say the input voltage is changing in the interval [3.5V;8.5], we increase the duty cycle and to a certain to always get 12V output.
ru guys there??? it seems very quiet ard here

Um, I gonna take a risk of looking really stupid and ask....  Why would you want to do that with a Microcontroller?  Why not just use a 12V voltage regulator?

im just experiencing stuff. try something new, different

Voltage divider to drop 3.5-8v to 0.5-5v input to an ADC and adjust your PWM duty cycle according. I don`t know anything about picaxe but a "picaxe pwm" google search came up with this. Also you`ll have to read the datasheet of your regulator.