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TIP:Stick Your Clip Adaptors

Keeps track of small things that get lost easily

Unless you paid a lot more for your multimeter than I did, you probably only got one pretty all-purpose set of probes that look like little darts without feathers on them.  One of the most useful things you can get as a cheap add on are Mini Test Clip Adaptors:

They slide on over the tip of your meter probes and let you grip most through-hole connections hands-free for metering.  They're awesome.  The only problem is that if your workspace is like mine, you could lose them underneath four DuPont wires.  Here's what I suggest doing:

Apply small pieces of adhesive hook-and-loop to the bottoms of the adaptors (below the level that the spring-cap gets to when retracted) and the meter itself and use them to keep the little pieces with the big one.  Be careful not to put the hook-and-loop on the long, thin portion of the adaptors-hook and loop can easily generate a static charge and that much that close to the internal copper run could easily throw off a reading or worse, damage the system under test.

This is really a two-part process.  The first is putting the hook-and-loop on your tools, the second is remembering to stick them together when you pull the adaptors off the probes.  That second part is easier with a little practice.

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I'm totally going to do that. Nice tip.