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NerdCam3D has arrived

Hi folks,

it really has been a while, my last post is months ago. But in the meantime I have made major progress. First of all I have bought an Axial Wraith, a RC-car that offers lots of hardpoints to mount and attach devices. Then some guy from the Geman FPV-community made a small GRP-case for the camera. In this way I was able to crawl through my backyard in FPV for the first time (see 1st attached video).


Then it took me four months to completely rework my PCB and camera design in such a way, that all SMD components fit on only one PSB as much as possible. The overall size of the cam became smaller and is now at 100mm x 34 mm with a total weight of only 50g (half the weight of the previous camera version). Here your can see the assebled PCB with all SMD-components directly after reflow-soldering in my pizza oven (details here).

Then after a few days of hacking and adapting the firmware I got a first running stereoscopic side-by-side video signal out of the camera - who-hoo.

This camera has got only one PCB, the XuLA-200 FPGA board is mounted from the back-side. Finally I made a short introductory video of the new NerdCam3D (see 2nd attached video).

I think with this camera my effords towards Woody Mk1 will come to an end so that I can focus on other things in near future.

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