Let's Make Robots!

Easy FPV setup using your smartphone

Transmits video signals to your computer using Wifi

Ever wanted to give your robot some eyes? Or see what the robot sees? Or have openCV cababilities for your robot? Well I have found a viable program for you, Mobiola, all you need is a Wifi connection on your smartphone and the Mobiola software installed onto your computer.

I have made a video to walk you through the setup, installation and a example to show you how it works. In my example I am just using a remote control car, but the potential for this is vast.

>>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwfzYOQt32k <<<<<

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How about posting a link to the actual Mobiola software?

I did but it didn't come up.

Oh well here it is: http://www.mobiola.com/