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slot machine

This is my slot machine, i made this some time ago but have made some adjustments and thought i would share it here. It uses two ir sensors in the coin acceptor to distinguish 1 and 2 pence coins

this is controlled by an old picaxe 08m and shares a bread board with another 08m that controls the pay out solenoid



















The main board is controlled by a picaxe 28x2

which reads the switches and controls the lights using darlington transistor chips and shift registors, it also uses serial signals to communicate to the two 08m chips and an 18m2 that controls the stepper motors for the reels


The main board also sends serial to two mp3 players, one plays background and the other one plays samples, mainly insults when you collect

a small amp amplifies the sound


back cover off

front cover off



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thats cool