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servo for mini hexapod


I want to build a mini hexapod and i would like a suggestion from you for a cheap servomachine (de kserw an to grafw kala auto) to use, which will be sufficient for this project.. I have found these here on my own:

HobbyKing HK15148

HobbyKing 928BB




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A lot depends on how much you are willing to pay. For example you can get HXT-900 servos with metal gears but you will pay a lot more for them.

You will need strong gears and a bearing on the output shaft will also help. The Little Black Duck servos can be bought directly from Claudia at DAGU.

It has stronger (thicker) than average gears on the output and a 2Kg/cm torque rating. The bearing on the output helps reduce friction and wear when handling high torque loads such as supporting the weight of your robot.

I've been using SG-90s for my current hexapod project, but I haven't been working on it for too long so I can't say yet how well they'll hold up.

MG90 should be ok. I have build one hexapod by using them.