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MigaOne Linear Actuator

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Now, here is at last a new range of exciting actuators!

This is just one example, check http://www.migamotors.com/Products.html for more.

MigaOne is a unique electric actuator based onShape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire, also known as muscle wire. Exposing the MigaOne to 10V and 2.7A for half a second will cause the wires to heat up, contract, and push what ever is attached to the arm with 2.5 lbs. (11N) of force. Surprisingly strong for such a slim actuator. This is a very new type of actuator with many interesting potential applications.


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Hmm  I have had the chance to test them now. It was not quite what I had hoped for, I am sorry to say. I may have been in bad luck, am awaiting vendors reply.
At least your willing to put your money where your mouth is and try it out for everyone on the site.
Perfect pic! Judging by the look on his face his excitement has been reigned in as well :D
blabla :p
Erh.. thanks for the credit.. but actually I got it sponsored. I will get back with more once all is sorted out. For now I just had to put a lid on my extreme excitement, hold the horses.. Will return on the subject later :)

Very curious to see one of those in action.

From what I've read on a few forums: the problem with smartwire is not only the time it takes to extend, but also that you need a certain voltage and current to get a certain length and diameter of wire to move. Most of the people who wrote reviews about it, said that a very small deviation from the correct voltage and current can ruin the wire (which is costly).


If you go to the site you can download the video. It did seem a bit slow for some uses.

You guys dont get it :)

Time will show.. :) 

you should all really check out the site, I have linked to it.. Videos too. Crap quality videos, but see the speed of the thing I have featured above.. It would make your robot jump!!