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processing and ardiuno


         Am new too both ardiuno and processing and am  following this tutorial http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Dimmer ,now the ardiuno sketch is fine and uploaded to the mega, but I have a problem processing with the serial com ,sayin (cannot find anything named "com5". and i have no idea why. I've added a screen snip if i,ll be grateful if anyone can point out what am doing wrong.


i,ve not added the patch "Max/MSP v5 patch for this example" because am not sure where it goes .

proard.PNG154.71 KB
Capture3.PNG159.26 KB

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       thanks for the replys i worked out the "com5" issue with the help of the shout box.their appeared to be deeper issue with the board once i uploaded the sketch and the processing worked the led did,nt change in brightness, but also all other pins stop working, went back to basic blink an led non of the pins worked,where the other day I tested each and everyonefrom analog,digital too PWM all worked, but after the dimmer tutorial they all stoped responding the sketch would compile and upload but non of the PWM and digital pins worked. the only pins that had any form of output were the tx "0"  and rx "1" which sould'nt have been on, and they did'nt blink just constant on. So I,ve phoned the supplier they said itsend it back for a replacement if faulty so now am be waiting til mid week before i can play with ardiuno. gives me time too read up more on it.

                                                                             thanks again jinx

Man, I really dislike processing doing that "serial list" crap.

Ok, do this...

Change the line to this:  port = new Serial(this, "COM5", 9600);

And be sure that your arduino is actually on Com 5. If not, adjust "COM5" to whatever you need.

try "COM5" and not COM5. It's an array.

Are you sure COM5 is the com port your serial is connected to?

COM5 is the placeholder in the tutorial code but I do believe it explicitly says you need to change it to match your system.

Forgive me but I can't remember how to view a list of COM ports connected on your computer anymore, I believe its on the devices list in the windows control panel somewhere. I haven't been in there for awhile though and when I was there I wasnt exactly looking for COM ports.

Fail. I didnt see the pic properly. Yeah your referencing COM5 as an object (the IDE is looking for a variable called COM5) when it needs to be a string, chuck quotation marks around it like so: "COM5"