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Arduino Quadruped Robot


12/13/2012 Update: Code is now available for download at http://engineer-this.com/QuadrupedVer2.txt Its saved as a .txt file because I can't host a .ino. Just rename the extension or copy and paste the code into the Arduino IDE.

Hey guys, I wanted to show off my first robot. He's a quadruped walking robot that I built from scratch. All parts were designed in SolidWorks and then cut out using my CNC router. Each of the four legs are controlled by 3 cheap hobbyking servos. I have an Arduino Nano controlling the 12 servos using the standard servo library but plan on upgrading to an Arduino Mega so I can have some more expansion options.

I struggled with the programming for awhile but finally got my inverse kinematics algorithms working. So far he can only walk forward and do a couple other very basic movements. I've developed a creep gait that works well, but plan on trying other gaits in the future. This is definitely a work in progress but unfortunately I am finding that I have less and less free time these days. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll find some time to develop a turn gait and add some sensors!

I have many more pictures and information on my website at engineer-this.com/Quadruped. I just started working on the website last week so bare with me while I finish it up.


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Cool spider. I was going to ask how you devised the walking, but decided to read ip instead. Really interesting website. You could slow and smooth your gait by using a "variable speed" servo libray perhaps? I definately prefer the shorter legs too :D

Ok thanks! :-D

 Beautiful one !

Yeah!! More quadruped..
Surely collected!! :D

Can you please email me the C++ code Robomaker12@gmail.com P.S. AWSOME ROBOT!!!

You know, as it stands no one would be able to follow the code but me (no comments and seriously just messy, I'm definitely no programmer). Give me a few days and I'll clean it up the best I can and I'll post it here and my website. 

Gives me some inspiration to finish the code for my bot. I like the color scheme you have there. Nice job on the design. Looking forward to seeing more info on this project. Keep up the good work and welcome to LMR.

Thank you! I've been lurking here for years but finally had something to contribute. Plan to see many more robots from me in the near future...

I'd like to second the comment on great colour scheme, the orange servos go nicely with the black body and leg parts. Your website looks good too, I look forward to seeing more of your work.