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Spot X

It drives around pretty much everywhere

Spot X is my latest robot, but the first I've submitted here. The X stands for 10, because he's the 10th in a series of little robots I've built under the 'Spot' name. He's a 4x4 stepper motor powered skid steer robot used for education and fun. I've been doing a robotics unit with my students and decided I needed to get a wireless robot going, so this is the result. Likes: Electricity Dislikes: Deep sand, trees, loose gravel, wheels falling off, tumbling head over heels down a steep incline. He's not complete yet because I still have to finish programming him, but the main drive functions are all go. There should be a link to my main info pages somewhere nearby, so if you're interested, drop by for a visit.

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reminds me of the mars rover just the way it moves