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New Tutorial

I just put together a new Tutorial on Bit Banging and Boolean Math.

The tutorial is called:

Tutorial – Bit Banging and Boolean Math without the Math

It is located at my blog:


Please enjoy,  I wrote this as a starting point for the beginner, but the No Math approach can assist the experienced  micro-controller programmer as well.






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Normally infractions do not incur a beatdown but when you combine an infraction with a stupid title like "new tutorial" then your begging for a beating.

Good metaphor. People always do that at work and I'm turning into my dad about it.

Your info on python is plain wrong:


that has an interactive shell (command line interface) called Idle.
Using Python Idle I can quickly convert between number bases and perform all of the Boolean operations, using the same operators that I use in C or C++.

Wrong info to be posting around. The interactive shell is actually what you get when you run python without any arguments (ie on mac or linux just whacking "python" onto the command line or running python.exe on windows). IDLE is an IDE for python which with default settings loads up its own wrapper of the python shell, one which chucks syntax highlighting in on your putput which is just plain wrong and does not preserve the feng shui of neatly space characters each of a fixed width. IDLE's shell wrapper doesn't work correctly with functions that alter the command line colour or clear it either.

TL/DR. Why on earth would someone give out info that is just blatantly wrong?

If your tutorial is incorrect as claimed by 6677 then please delete this post all together. We do not need inaccurate tutorials.

The rest of it is alright, just his description of what IDLE is.

There are hundreds of tutorials on this site. If we wanted to we could call all of them "New Tutorial" because they were new at one time.

You may want to rethink the boolean logic that made you think that "New tutorial" was a good name.


If you are not willing to post the tutorial on LMR then post as a weblink to your site.

...why post it here in the forums? Forums are for asking questions. You'd be better of reposting it here- http://letsmakerobots.com/node/add/robot-tip and deleting this thread.

No offence about your achievement and I also like a no maths approach to my programming but this isn't logically right to post a tutorial in a forum and I like to be logically correct...