Let's Make Robots!

Esky that follows me, noob where to start?

Hi all I'm wanting to make something like this; http://blog.colecago.com/?p=87 But, I have no idea about robotics and know only simple programming of smart relays. I would also like to integrate remote control as well into the transmitter. I have electrical knowledge but not really anything about microcontrollers. If possible I would like for it to carry up to 40kg in an outdoor area. I know this may be ambitious but I'm willing to learn and not really working to a timeframe.

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I strongly.. strongly advise you to start by clicking at "Start Here" in the top menu.

Thanks maxhires I think if I break each part down I'll get there. I'm going to buy some bits and pieces and start playing around. Have you got any good links on hacking the sensors? I haven't been able to find much yet? I think I will be going thru the 'start here' process first.

I'm wondering if this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUFNgfTP2vM will work for my direct measurement 'call' system.

OR i could hack the PING sensors, not sure which is easier?