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My 2nd after trying the start here bot a couple of years back, currently running Bluetooth remote control via rocket bot app From rocket brand studios (thank you CTC.) chassis & head were hand made from scrap metal an old pc tower for the chassis and cd drive became the head. Just finished custom board for 18m2. Will become autonomous probably after Christmas think I fried the sonar. I will add more pics and updates soon. Any feed back great fully appreciated. Update 15/12/2012 Added pictures of the insides as requested.pictures of power regulator board, main board and rear of Henri (shows how badly the back fits lol). Also ordered new srf04.



update 2/2/2013.

henri gets an upgrade

ive spent the last month getting to know the arduino ide. after getting an uno at christmas, just finished building a very iffy looking sheild for l293d with connections for ping, servo and bluetooth.

the bluetooth connection is via 2 switches to isolate thecomms lines for code updates.

i will get some more pictures, and a video up as soon as i can.

and thanks for your comments they have  kept me interested this time round much to the wifes annoyance lol




update 11/2/2013


finally got a video up, it isnt great but i will redo one soon.

currently chasing bugs with picking up stray pings. i think it has something to do with the "New_Ping" library im using (http://code.google.com/p/arduino-new-ping/). it is more noticable when in large areas.

i need to get the bluetooth link to the pc working for serial terminal,  but i think the toshiba bluetooth stack is not compatable with my dongle.

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Nicely finished bot, love the head particularly. Sorry to hear you might have fried your rangefinder, I did the same back a few years ago. Looking forward to seeing more photos!

Thank you guys, much appreciated I will get a few more pictures over the next couple of days.

but man my neck is sore from looking at it...

Ahh that's better.

Been meaning to rotate the image just haven't had a chance yet. Thank you.

That is one of the cleanest builds arounds, kudos sir!

A very nice robot, like the way you finished it off in black and that it has the tracks.  It looks down right menacing ...smiles....

It is really the MEN IN BLACK...hahaha

Very nice build. I like how he has personality, it's like he is looking at you :P