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Hexapode 3 servo "TARANTULA"

Navigate around via ir
walker.txt940 bytes

I present to you my new toy (robot), nothing new in the field but I still wanted to make a hexapod with 3 servo.
Forward, backward and turn following present obstacles on the ground...


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nice Mr.staffy


For the IR code nothing more simple it works by reflection as a cny70.
Can only be used in artificial light, otherwise the phototransistor saturated! On the other hand the cost of returns is really interresting.


IR = B.3
var = b1


readadc B.3, b1
If b1 < 100 then...
If b1 > 100 then...


I did a test with "analog sensor calibration" (programming editor) to get to know the beaches of useful value after I adjust.


I put my code in the attached file, it is very easy, but it works :-)




I forgot to ask in my last post, can you post your code ?

I'd like to see how you coded for the IR homemade sensor.

Ces trois LED devant contribuent au look araignée.

Merci, pour l'info des pulsout !

Thank you
I also love his style robot / spider.


It is scary! :- )


i liked the robot specialy the IR sensor...it looks like the original eyes

Thank you,
There is a single voltage regulator for all components (L7805CV) 5 volts for 1 amp.
The servo that I use in a nominal voltage of 4.8 / 6 Volt, but it can go up to 7.4 v...
I do not know their consumption, they do not work in same temp so no problem.
My lipo battery is a 7.4 v 250mah, autonomy between 20 and 30 minutes.
Good luck for your Walker!

Hi Staffy,

Thank you for your post at my start here robot. I'm not courageous enough to write both in French an English as you, but it's nice to find some other French here on LMR.

I finnaly post the quadruped. My 4xAA battery pack is out of order that's why I'm so interested in you Lipo capacity and voltage regulator. I was also offered few month ago an Arduino uno. I have not been able to look deep enough at it, but it looks that 7.4V Lipo is much more convenient for the Uno than the 4xAA NiMh I use for Picaxe.

I have in mind to try a Picaxe biped, when I'll finish the actual quadruped and wheight is an important matter.

Are you thinking to a next project ?


I'm really impressed by the size and aesthetics aswell.

I really like walkers. I hope to be able submit soon a quadruped with picaxe and 8g servos.

Your cables are well tighten, while mine going in any direction, a bit messy...

I'm planning to try Lipo. You might have a 5V regulator for the picaxe, do you have another one for the servos or do you feed them with 7,4 V? What's the capacity of your voltage regulator ?

What's the capacity of you Lipo battery in mAh ?

Would you have an idea of how much amp draw your servos ?

Nice IR sensor. Could you post your code ?

Thank you very much!!
I am also satisfied with the aesthetics, I put a link to youtube because I can't put video on website...
There are plenty of bug home in france


Looks mean and scary - :-) Good job on the aesthetics!

Have any video yet – would love to see it moving along.

Makes me want to start yet another project as a walker... but I really shouldn't