Let's Make Robots!


Right now, basic obstacle avoidance and plays music.

 This robotic platform is still a work in progress.  I wanted to build a medium to large size robot for a long time!  after joining a robotics club and with the help of a friend, I started work on this guy! 

UPDATE- I have installed a sound module from Sparkfun.com and now can cycle through a playlist created for club members' enjoyment. video update soon! (will show arm action!)

UPDATE 11/6/13 Sorry for the long pause, for those of you who have been waiting, I have just posted a new video  on You Tube displaying Logobots arm movements. Further videos will demonstrate this robots' abilities. ( Less lag times!) I hope you enjoy!

UPDATE 11/12/13 Using a Romero version 2 as the main board instead of roboduino. Romero's built-in motor driver made interfacing with the new motors so much easier!

UPDATE 12/7/13 New video posted showing gripper(s) in action. Still working on adding more "stuff" for ooh and ahh effects! Thank you for all your comments. more vids and projects coming!  See new video here: http://youtu.be/mSJE6lSj7GA

UPDATE 12/20/13 New video demonstrating IR remote control. I'm still working on the bells and whistles. Please note the subtle facelift! gone are the "poor man's fiber optics" (joke) They have been replaced by clear rods that give a more polished look. You can find the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rlcJrNiy9A.

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Cute! Please post more details on how you made it and what it can do.

Thank you ignoblegnome for the compliment! it has been a while since my last post but this is the reason!  i will keep you updated!

Very nice, you don't see robots of this size here very often.  I am trying to build something in this range myself.  Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated on how its going for you.

Thank you! kingart3!

A lot of character to this one. You've won me on looks. Be nice to see this one grow.  I'm curious about the name. Did you build it for some promotion.

I just would say this is inspiring... makes me wonder...

I would like to see more deatils. How does it looks like inside that can :-)

 Will work on it!  Thanks for watching!

Very Nice, and its so big.  It definitely LOOKS like a robot, excellent work.  Thanks for sharing it with us.