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I am using bluetooth device RN-41 and i want to pair my PC with it so i power   up the device and search for bluetooth device, i found and it wanted pass key, i wrote 1234(default key) and  it wont connect. Can someone pls help me i am using Windows XP and i have installed extern bluetooth usb.

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did you try 0000?

Let's do this step-by-step. 

Now, I saw that you are using a BT dongle on your computer. Before we even get to the RN-41, are you sure that the bluetooth works on the computer side? Were you able to pair anything else with it? Did you try your phone or BT headphones or anything?

I can assume you are using one of those $2, tiny black dongles and well, its a 2-dollar unit...  ...Might not be the most stable in the world. I would find something else BT and double check the computer side is working.

Next, you say you have a RN-41. This refers to the BT unit itself, not the board. Are you using a stand-alone RN-41 unit or are you using a breakout board like the BlueSmirf from SparkFun? If you are using just the chip, you might be missing some component parts --it will not work just by itself.

Assuming you are using a breakout, you should know you only have one minute to pair. My bluesmirf unit does a "fast blink" when it is in "pair mode". You gotta be quick.


That's all I can think of now, let us know how the BT-from-the-computer test goes.


First my BT it works with other devices, next i have this device http://www.mikroe.com/add-on-boards/communication/bluetooth-stick/ so its not missing components  and it works like you said blinks very fast after the power up and i tryed both 0000 and 1234 and still failed i dont know what i am doing wrong :S thanks for helping :)

Here is one video for factory reset if anyone has trouble with this