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The perfect power supply

hi peeps - im back

ok im looking to create the perfect desktop power supply with as many handy bits as possible and i'm looking for a bit of advice and inspiration from you lot. Ive done my research and have a pretty good idea of the direction im taking but lets be honest - the more the merrier.


as per usual i'll be taking the modular approach - each portion being a learning experiance in itself


1) linking anything to the mains still terrifies me so im probably going to use a leftover laptop supply i have

(input AC 100-240v , 1.6A , 50-60Hz)

(output DC 18.5v , 3.5A)


2) it will have one fixed 5v, one fixed 12v and a variable output


3) it will have a 3x7 segment digital display and push button control of the variable output


4) the front connectors will be both bannana input and wire grip versions 



5) i am also considering a second section powered from the same source as a potential reader (eg occiloscope or multimeter or lcd display kind of thing ) but one step at a time eh?




im essentially looking for advice on the various sections and how best to get them to interact without interfering with each other (eg the digital output lowering the actual output kinda thing)

thanks peeps