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Serial monitoring


Does anybody know of a decent freebie transparent serial monitor? I've been having some trouble with processing and arduino, (see this), and I'd like to be able to compare what processing and the arduino terminal are sending so I can find the problem.

Thans in advance.

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Thanks for the replies.

bdk6 was right with what I'm after: as it's seemingly not possible, I'll have to sort it some other way. I'd try the FTDI adapter, but I haven't got one at the moment. The paralax terminal seems pretty good, though, so I'll leave it on my PC.

There is a slight possibility that you will need to wire that extra FTDI board via a couple 10k resistors. This will allow the main connection to "speak louder" than the extra FTDI. 

That's the extra serial port method I was referring to.  Except, you only connect the RxD line on the new serial ports to each TxD line on the PC and Arduino ports.  That way you don't have two transmitters duelling for control.  

The expensive part is the dedicated hardware solution, usually called a protocol analyzer.  Cheap ones are usually a few hundred dollars.  They go up from there.

Two USB to serial adapters would be a good solution.  I didn't even think of that.  I was thinking more built-in serial ports.  Thanks.

If the above is true and you are looking to keep an eye on your serial tranmissions (mid-stream), I would suggest simply adding a couple jumper wires to the RX and TX lines of your arduino. Add another FTDI board (and thus, another serial port to your computer) and monitor away. The processing and arduino should talk just like they normally have, but you can open a terminal program via this extra FTDI com port and see what is going on.

If you are looking for a terminal program that is not a total piece of crap, you are looking for the Paralax Serial Terminal. I have no idea why people keep suggesting Putty and hyperterm and the like --they are all total junk.

PST. That's what you want. You can find it here.  You want this one: Parallax Serial Terminal v1.2.4

If I am correct, he is not asking for a replacement terminal program.  What he wants is to keep using the processing code on the PC talking to the Arduino over serial, and something (program or device) that lets him monitor what is actually going across the wires.  There are (expensive) devices that do that and programs that will run on other serial ports on a pc that can then be hooked into the serial connection.  I am not aware of any software only solutions.  That would be a very difficult task.

I posted a comment on your original post linked above that may help with that problem.