Let's Make Robots!

Best Practices

It is a PLEASURE to make web for robot enthusiasts.

You are such nice, polite, helpsome, innovative, fun, creative, tolerant and patient people. Really nice, thank you!

Here are a few "Best Practices", that if followed by everyone, everyone else will get a better web.

If you disagree in anything or have better ideas, please let us know, we are in this as much as you :)


Use the forum, not the shoutbox! 

The shoutbox is just for fun, and messages dissapear. So it is a very bad place to ask for help.

First see if someone else has made a thread about the same. Try the search, and try clicking "Forum Overview" on the top bar.

If non exist, then make a new posting in the forum, and try to make a headline that makes good sense for the next person looking for same kind of information. In other words, do not make subject lines such as "HELP ME!", but something that is informative like "How to recharge a battery".

If you ask "good questions", you will most often get answers very quickly, most often in less than an hour!


If you are submitting a robot or in fact anything - where you are describing "a component", please do it like this:

  1. Just write your text, such as "I was using a tilt sensor to see if the bot tipped over". Submit.
  2. Enter the components list (see top-menu). See if your component is on the list. If it is not, then please enter the component there. If it is already there, entered by someone else, you can in fact edit it. Feel free to edit the text - even if it is written by someone else, if you think you have better info than what is written in the body-text of the component. Wiki-style. You are also welcome to add more images etc. You can also just ad notes such as "It can also be reverted / Dan". If you have more personal things to say such as "I hate tilt-sensors", or "have anyone used this under water?", you should not edit the text, but write a comment as usual.
  3. Note the URL (Link / web-address) of the component / copy it
  4. Go back to your post, edit it, and make your "component" a link.

Thank you!!

Reason: This way we can keep better structure, and make it easier, so that people reading your post can actually get ALL info regarding an interesting component that you have used

Comments and feedback:

Most things on LMR can be commented, directly on the page.

Please do not start topics anywhere else, ex on the forum, regarding something that can be commented right at the source - it makes it harder for people to find any structure if you are commenting on a robot in a forum.


Webmaster has been asked to ask everyone to keep this practice:

If the code can be attached the post, please do so - only if it makes the content more readable, you should paste code directly into the text.

Reason: We get some pretty long pages when code inserted in text :)


LMR has a lot of features that you can set up in your profile. One of them is the auto-signature.

It is possible to write "a joke", a link to a webpage, or "a brilliant phrase" or a famous quote in there, and then this funny line will be under neath every comment you make, all over the site.

It is possible.. But please don´t :) First time everybody else reads your with, it is a laugh.. But from then on it is just a plain nuisance to have the same funny line over and over down a page, how irelevant it may be for the content - it does not make it easier to read etc :)

Please only use the auto-signature to enter your name or similar relevant for every post it will enter ;)

Feel free to write all the motto´s, pay-offs, links and more in your own profile's description - so people visiting your profile can have the laugh / link etc.