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Personal Update

I don't know how many LMRtians have been hit by the blizzard-I'm guessing a half dozen of us anyway.  We lost power for a while and still don't have interwebs at home.  I just made it back to work for the first time since my day at the hospital and this is the first chance I've had to check in.  Funny how LMR is my priority...

Anyway, the MRI looks pretty good.  There's a little bit of what could be regrowth of the pituitary tumor but nothing they seemed too worried about.  Now I have to pee in a jug for a day so they can check out the hormone levels in it.

I'll try to check back in throughout the day.  If I don't catch you in the SB, Merry Christmas and Io Saturnalia!

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Seems to be good news if the doctors does not worry about.

I take your word to drink with all of us. The first round is on me if you come to Shanghai!!! Happy 2013...


Thanks guys! You're my village.

As I've told some of you, my goal is to get well enough to go drinking with each of you in whatever country you live in then! Talk about incentives!

Kick cancer's fucking ass, Max. Beat it down like the little bitch it is. Fuck the naysayers.

With all the time your spending in hospital I hope the doctors have upgraded your DRAM and given you a new hard drive. At the very least they could clean your registry and delete your junk files.

If they offer to upgrade your opperating system then make sure they use the right version! The last guy to have his opperating system upgraded started buying lots of new shoes and looking for matching handbags.


Oh sorry, you said personal upgrade update, my mistake :D

Merry Christmas Max,

I heard there was a blizzard up that direction.  It got a bit nippy here in Florida today, I had to put on a jacket ...GASP....

I'm glad to hear your tests came back looking good.  I now have more doctors that I have living relatives ....LOL... so I know how it goes.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Fight my friend. Fight. Don't let this monster come back. We need you here.

And, the docs seem to think you will be for the foreseeable future. :D