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Atom 1.2 Upgraded with Bluetooth

users controlled through Tera Term - Using Bluetooth

Atom 1.0: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31322

My previous Arduino project had a controller that was connected to Atom and powered by my laptop. 


  • 1 x sn754410ne - few euros
  • HC-06 Bluetooth V2.0 RF Wireless Transceiver Module Interface RS232 TTL 3.3 V - €6,70 - eBay
  • 3600mAh battery pack for psp 2000 to power up 2 motors, sn754410ne and Bluetooth - €6 - eBay
  • 9v battery to power up the Arduino UNO R3
  • 2 x Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 - €3 - eBay
  • Micro 9g Servo RC - €1,90 - eBay
  • And some other typical tools etc.

I upgraded Atom 1.0 to Atom 2.0, it now has a better PCB wiring and I connected a HC-06 Bluetooth receiver to it so I can control it using Tera Term 4.76. 

HC-06 Bluetooth Receiver 

Next upgrade: I bought 2 ultranosic modules HC-SR04 for €3 on eBay and one servo. I will add these parts later on my Atom so I can switch between user controlled or autonomous.

Bluetooth HC-06:

I connected Acc to 5v, GND to GND, RX to RX and TX to TX. I know, some places they say RX goes to TX and TX goes to RX, but this did not work for me. So test both if you want.


  • w = forward
  • s = backwards
  • a = left
  • d = right
  • x = stop

Few more images:


The code used in Arduino IDE: http://snipt.org/yjhgi6

If code link is broke, please report it so I can upload a new one