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Basebot is a simple Open Source Robot platform which intends to provide a good balance between price and performance. We want it to be as a base platform for boards like Raspi , Olinuxino , Carambola etc which can be mounted on top of it and they can control it serially. But it should be completely usable in standalone mode also.We did not provide any mounted sensors as we want users to use it as a flexible experimentation platform , while it takes care of simple robot like functions.

Blog Entry - http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35528

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Very nice design and idea, I like it (OSHW FTW)!

Can you give any details about the hardware you are using on the board (e.g. the microcontroller used)? Which motors can be fitted to the platform? Does it have basic I/O devices like LEDs and buttons (I can make some out on the board)?

I can see that you are breaking a lot of the pins of the microcontroller out to pin headers which is very handy!



BTW the link to the blog article seems to be broken

We did attach a blog where PCB and Schemantics are availbile , somehow even though its published its not showing.

We will commit to Github shortly .

Microcontroller is PIC32MX250 , It is a compelte kit with motors. Yes 2 LEDS , 2 Button , 1 LCD and 1 Buzzer are given out of the box.

You can access almost all periperals with the breakouts given.