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Shaving off a couple volts...

I am in the process of wiring Walter. I have my RC receiver outputs going into a 28x but I have run out of input pins! I need to use 2 of the ADC inputs instead but the ADC's won't accept a pulsin command. Problem solved, I am using a spare 14m to do a little translating for me. The 14m will accept the last two pulsin commands and send them off to the ADC's on the 28x. Here's the deal, the two remaining channels (from the RC unit) are "bang-bang" channels --they are still servo commands but not variable, they are only centered (150), full left (225) or full right (75).

Question: I need the output of the 14m to spit out a total of 6 voltages, 3 each going into 2 of the ADC's of the 28x. This way, the adc can simply read hi, med, low. Any thoughts on how to get the 14m to spit out 3 different voltages?I am soldering my own board for this one so I have tons of room for extra componants.

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Didn't somebody say the geek shall inherit the earth?

...the geeks shall inherit the earth... Shoulda seen that one coming...

It's the 4 channel 4k7 resistor bridge!! Stay with me here:


The 28x accepts (4) of the pulsin signals from my RC unit and sticks them into 4 variables.

The 14m accepts (2) 3-posistion pulsin signals from my RC unit

The 14m, through it's 4-output resistor bridge, sends one of 3 signals to (2) ADC channels on the 28x

The 28x ADC channels read: 0,146 and 255! --Perfect!

And to add to this, I am even sending these 6 variables onto my 40x using the serout/ serin commands! And it works!


Thanks everybody!! --Especially Oddbot --you're schematic was the prettiest. Gold star for you!