Let's Make Robots!


creeps around looking for light, fire, other robots and long walks on the beach...


A little robot that just wants to have fun! 

The code is choppy but works. I used some of Bajdi's code changed it up a little and will post it(code) in a bit.

Maybe I can get some help with adding the hc-sr04 so that it avoids objects like my other robots but picks up light with the Wii and overrides the obstacle avoidance. I have examples of both, just not together( it's just beyond my skills at this point).

Fun with Wii Camera-







Update classic tank tracks and Ping. see bottom 2 videos :D 

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Uh, it would be nice if you provided a lttle more discription with your post, or check the "is draft" and not have it appeared on the search pages etc. It is considered slightly bad manners to just post a pic with no description.......

I know the rules and I was working on it. The page would not let me...it was for one minute maybe... Take it easy and give it a minute at least!

Sorry about that, I just saw what looked like a cool page, clicked on it, and found a pic, just a pic...  looking forward to see this when the post gets compleate. collected.


nice to see you using cellphone batteries!! :) the one eye reminds me of HAL on wheels ;) pretty awesome!


Yeah I had all these old cell phones laying around and needed a project so I started playing with a couple... the next thing ya know all my robots have them and they were free.



ya, I use cellphone batteries for my bots as well, they are cheaper, and rechargable :)

I have made a much simpler version of this using LDRs but your's is better as my  robot needs the light to fall on it. Wait a second, mine is also powered by a cell phone battery. I wanted to verify if it is safe to use cell phone batteries.


I have been using them tons and I have no issues. Do your homework and don't over charge.