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Hi guys.

 Just found this site from one of my many searches. Will get straight to it, though first of all.. I barely know anything about the subject.

 I want to have an RC Car (petrol or battery operated - whichever is possible) to be able to go round a track on its own. Basically what I'm thinking is, i have the distance of the track, the curves degress angles and such.. basiclly.. i give the program a sequence of events in code but in plain english...

Forward for 5 metres

Turn front wheels 20 degrees for 5 seconds

Turn wheels to normal position

forward for 10 metres... etc

I dont know if this even makes sense to you guys... but its worth a try.

 thanks for any info you can provide me with..




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 You may want to take a look at this: Mobot



this is good informaiton and i have kept a copy of it.. it will come in handy for sure though not just yet!!

from what I'm experiencing with my (really) slow servo-propelled robot, I think that you won't be able to rely only on a stored path


a simple 'go forward 5 meters'   is even not simple at all,   and a time-based curve followed by a 10 meter straight line will put your car in the walls...  


you will have to put some sensors of any kind in your project 

when you mention sensors... meaning fitting sensors on the sides and front of the car like  the wall racers? the car will be driven in an open space... the only thing that makes the curve is a painted line on the floor...

regarding the curves... is the time based curve not possible? i'm not saying you set it up for 5 sec and thats it.. i mean you test how long it needs to be done for... it may be 5.143 of a second for instance...

..if your track is dark, with white lines to delimit, this is the way to go


what you need is to 'keep an eye' to the lin(e)s 

if you want to race, you will have to follow an optimal path   (may need a camera)

if you just want to drive around, you can follow the external line, with an IR sensor

the track can be during the day or at night, it is outside .. sun by day... floodlights by night... white lines are out of the question as i cannot pass over the lines as they dont exist sort of... imagine that a track that is just oval.. like a running track... and instead of having a line all the way round there is like 'a sleeping policemen'.. it is higher than normal basically...

what do u mean by optimal path... i dont mind about the parts.. if it wrks just tell me were to buy them.. :)) and what is external line?