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Wishes Merry Christmas by waiving hands to passers by

Hi! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Here is my Christmas theme bot, the SnowMan SnowBot! :D

This is the first brand new robot to come out of my new lab :)

The robot is pretty simple it is made of styrofoam, so it looks kinda made of snow, but it is sqare to emphasize him being a robot. He has a pretty Minnie Christmas hat, alkaline battery nose and shining LED smile :)

His eyes actually are the SRF05 ultrasonic range sensor. Also 3 servos help him to move his head and arms made of wooden sticks.

His heart is a Picaxe 28 pin board with Picaxe 28X1 chip.

SnowBot is very humble and funny guy. He loves Christmas and New Year, so he looks around him and waives to everyone approaching him.

I'm just finished building and programming him, and hopefully will let him go out to my front yard and sit there enjoying the weather. Speaking of weather, it's -25 here, so, in order to mitigate the effects on batteries, I have sealed them into foamy insulating/packaging remnants material.

Here are some more pictures of the inside and the outside of the SnowBot:


Happy Holidays to everyone!!!


Update 26-Dec-2012

SnowBot went out last night, so, here are the pictures of him in the natural habitat, and a little video of him and my daughter :)

By the way, it was running for good six hours before I took out battery pack and batteries seemed to keep good temperature in the insulation enclosure. I did not measure the actual temp of the pack, which I will do today hopefully. :)


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Merry Christmas isotope!!

Nice bot!!

Yeah, it will just slow it down, but should be enough for an hour or two. Batteries (pack for servos) will deplete anyway by that time and I will have to get them back indoor for charging. So, I just hope not to damage them during outdoor show off :)

For the next year, if he will behave  well, I'll swap batteries for wall socket power adapter and a long cord. :)

...great to see that you find time to make in your new home...
...merry christmas too... 

HAHA!! THis is awesome, IsoT! :D