Let's Make Robots!


Roams around autonomously.

A small autonomous robot that wonders around. It's built out of parts I recieved for Christmas, such as a Rover 5 platform w/ driver board. 


Current Goal - Figure out Arduino reading encoders.

I finally got at least two motors working so far, my only problems now are that 1) I ran out of jumper wires, and 2) I ran out of ground pins on my Arduino (both of which keep me from hooking up the other two motors). So, needless to say, it looks like I will have to make another trip to Radioshack soon for some jumper wires and perfboard.

Here are some pics of the current progress:


BottomInside (1)Inside (2)


Hopefully I will be able to film a video of it rolling around soon.


  • Figure out how to attach driver board to Arduino. (DONE)
  • Write test code. (DONE)
  • Get robot rolling around. (DONE)
  • Add new chassis. (DONE)
  • Figure out Arduino reading encoders.
  • Mount LEDs and switches.
  • Attach some sensors. (HC-SR04?)
  • Some sort of low-level autonomy.

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I run mine from a 2S Lipo, fully charged the battery is 8,4V. It's pretty fast at full PWM :p To save the motors I now use a maximum pwm of 240.

Sounds great but you say 12V power source for the motors? The motors are rated at 6V (7.5V maximum).

You will kill it very quickly at 12V.
Do not use anything higher than a 2S LiPo or a 7.2V NiMh rechargeable battery.

Thanks for the heads up. I meant 12v for the driver board. Fixed.


Edit: It's my understanding the Dagu 4-Channel Driver Board can run fine off of 6 AA batteries. Am I correct?

6x 1.5V AA batteries will give you 9V, not 12V.

No, do not use alkaline batteries, they cannot supply enough current and will die very quickly.

Use NiMh rechargeable batteries.This will give you 7.2V which is within the motor's specified voltage range. NiMh batteries can deliver much higher currents.

Even if your controller specifies 7.5V or higher it should still work fine on 7.2V.

Thanks. Makes sense. I have NO idea why I was listing 6 AAs as 12v.


On a better note, the robot was up and rolling around today, now I am working on hiding all the wires and boards.

Now you need to post some video and more photos showing the progress of your robot's construction.

Somebody had a most excellent Christmas :), man are you going to have fun!