Let's Make Robots!


Roams around autonomously.

A small autonomous robot that wonders around. It's built out of parts I recieved for Christmas, such as a Rover 5 platform w/ driver board. 


Current Goal - Figure out Arduino reading encoders.

I finally got at least two motors working so far, my only problems now are that 1) I ran out of jumper wires, and 2) I ran out of ground pins on my Arduino (both of which keep me from hooking up the other two motors). So, needless to say, it looks like I will have to make another trip to Radioshack soon for some jumper wires and perfboard.

Here are some pics of the current progress:


BottomInside (1)Inside (2)


Hopefully I will be able to film a video of it rolling around soon.


  • Figure out how to attach driver board to Arduino. (DONE)
  • Write test code. (DONE)
  • Get robot rolling around. (DONE)
  • Add new chassis. (DONE)
  • Figure out Arduino reading encoders.
  • Mount LEDs and switches.
  • Attach some sensors. (HC-SR04?)
  • Some sort of low-level autonomy.