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Fixed! Processing and OpenCV display issues


Steps needed to solve problem:

  1. Install Quicktime 7
  2. Install a vdig driver: http://www.eden.net.nz/7/20071008/
  3. Run Processing in compatibility mode for windows xp sp 3

The reasons why this all needs to be done is extremely long winded and to be honest I thought it was a bit of a bad joke really, but it's all operational.

Thankyou for the help.

So as some of you may know I dabble with OpenCV using programming but lately its been doing my head in.

Processing version: 1.5.5

OpenCV version: 1.0

OS: Windows 7 32bit

I am trying to put my face tracking code onto my laptop so that I can turn a remote control car into a body tracking car, similar to the robot luggage follower. However whenever I try to run anycode associated with video input for OpenCV it just displays a black screen in the processing window. The quadrant lines are displayed in my code which gives the impression that the code may be working but it isnt getting any image data. The examples I have tried that don't have anything to do with video input work fine (background subraction example etc.) so that leads me to believe that everything is installed correctly.

I have tried:

  • Unintalling OpenCV and reinstalling
  • Unistalling Processing library for OpenCV and reinstalling
  • Using different methods of image input, such as using JMyron and then using that for OpenCV
  • Updating graphics drivers
  • Updating webcam drivers

I believe this problem to be a graphics issue wether it be openGL or some other thing like that as the code works perfectly on my other computer. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there is additional information needed that I didn't provide let me know, although I really don't think it is the code probably some driver issue.

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I have spent another day trying to get it to work and have found out that a vdig driver is needed. I have installed that and it appears to work but am now getting more errors: SetFileName could not be found. I will keep trying and hopefully get back here with a solution.

OpenCV might try to use the wrong video input, maybe the laptop has multple?

Second it might be that the image format the webcam is outputing is not the right one for OpenCV you might need to dig a little. 


I think you are on to something! I did hear a little about multiple inputs but upon running the program it would let me choose which one, although apparently something about processing doesn't like that. I will definetly try that after a cuppa or two. 

I did try the format problem by using a windvig program but to no avail.

Sounds like hardware. Have you been able to use the camera you have for your laptop for other programs?

Yes it works fine for Skype