Let's Make Robots!

Arduino tutorials for beginners

Helps you get to grips with Arduino and what it can do

New Tutorial added. Learn to use the HC-05 with Arduino.



Are you new to Arduino? A certain component? Or electronics in general? Check out my tutorial videos!

This tutorial series helps take you from an absolute beginner, to a competent robot maker. 

Learn the ropes of the Arduino architecture and its inner workings, learn how to program the Arduino and make some cool things along the way.

Criticism is gladly welcomed, and anything you think will make these videos better probably will, so tell me!

Go through the videos consecutively and come out the other end with lots of useful information to help you make some robots!



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I am a newbie in the Arduino field. I looked for tutorial all over the Internet but couldn't find a useful one. But after I watched these six videos, I feel like a genius of Arduinos! Thanks a lot and keep up the great job! :)

Thats really great to hear! Good luck with your Arduino endeavours! Thanks!

Thank you for this tutors. I'm familiar with computer science, but not with microcontroller and electrical engineering. I start with an Arduino, I'm more familiar to programming in C.

Awesome work dude. Posted to the Adelaide Hackerspace reading list before I realised it was you. Still hoping to see you one of these days.

Thanks man! I was going to come tommorow but something came up, I am pusing for next Wednesday, might have my big robot finished by then.

As an arduino beginner I found these videos very insightful. You are a good teacher ! (Something that Is very rare these days!)

Thank you Tiger, glad I could help! :)

The PWM tutorial really helped me with what the maths was behind the concept. I couldn't be bothered to read a whole Wikipedia article and get the same information as what you gave. 

Nice work!

Glad I could help! 

Thankyou for the kind words. To my knowledge capacitors are used to reduce line noise, where you use them is circumstantional. I have found a really nice arcticle explaning how the servos work on non PWM pins much better than I could explain here: http://rcarduino.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/can-i-control-more-than-x-servos-with.html scroll down to the heading "Great, so that works, but how and what does it cost us ?"