Let's Make Robots!

That there is fighting talk!

Ive just been browsing the world of robots beating 7 shades out of each other.

i used to be an avid fan of RobotWars (in the UK) when i was younger

I havent done masses of research (any) but i always remember that the bots were tracked, like Sir Killalot above, or had hard rubber wheels. Either way, the bots had to align the weapon with the target, which was tricky, when the target kept wriggiling! if you could away from the front of the robot, you hade it made. (or at least, lost slower)

you could run rings around othe robots if you had some omni wheels!

you could "strafe" around, spin out of trouble, and side step!

with a little interfacing  of drive motors with an arduino, it could easily be controlled off a single controller too. (or an Xbox controller, would be even better, allowing for access to more buttons and controls)

Hmmmmmmm.................... (thinks)

That is all. As you were.

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Sounds like we might have ourselves a fight. Let's keep it to ant weights . And web controlled we can ship our robots to the ring and all of Lmr can watch the fights

Ha. Thats a good idea, though i would have a lot of work and learning to do i think!

Neat idea-do they make them large enough to build a competition fighter? Also, would the increase in speed and agility overcome the sacrifice in traction? Lastly and most importantly, could you still get the cute roller-chick to pilot for you?

if you used mecanum omni wheels you lose almost no traction at all and they come in sizes big enough to fit forklifts.