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This is a light sensitive robot. It follows light. It can even do a wheelie. It detects the light by its eyes(LDRs). Pretty simple circuit consisting of four transistors. The circuit can be divided into 2 independent symmetrical parts. The right motor rotates when the left LDR detects light. The left motor rotates when the right LDR detects light. When both LDRs detect light, Both motor rotates and the bot goes forward. I got the basic circuit diagram from the e-book '1-100 Transistor Circuits'.

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whaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt ?

nobody comment on your cheap (waste, waste, waste)  easy (no programming at all) , pretty (like the red wheels), fast (sooooo nervous),  little autonomous (yes it is) robot !!!!


you need to update with the schematic

Love it, the movement, the PCB, the wheels...all of it. That's the way how everybody should start with electronics.

I did start that way many, many years back and now I am back to that roots with ALF http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33449 :-)

Nice bot.. :)