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Wild Thumper Controller Code Mod to Disable charger for LIPO

Hello All, 

This may be a pretty basic question, but I was going to run my Wild Thumper Controller I just recently got with a LIPO battery and wanted to uncomment out the code relating to the battery charger.  I want to make sure I do this correctly and am not missing anything so I wanted to check here first.  

My thought was, using the deliever WIld Thumper Controller code that is provided online, to comment out the section of code commented as "Charge Battery" and remove the "else" statement and brackets.  Would this be a sufficient removal of the code to accomplish disabling the charging function of the controller?

I am not too advanced in programming, but think understand the basic ins and outs.  I just want to do this correctly.

Thanks for any help,


PS. if i posted this in the wrong place, just let me know i will repost correctly.  Thanks


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As long as you don't plug power into the charger socket it won't matter what battery you use.

One important feature of the code is to disable the controller when your battery gets too flat. The reason for this is that your bootloader can be corrupted if the battery voltage gets too low.

It is better you experiment with and learn how to use the code rather than just remming it out or have someone edit it for you.

Thanks..... I'll just leave it as is!