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Antika - my little robot "a BoeBot-like robot"


i just finished my first robot and wanted to share the result with you :)

i would like to thank the author of this topic, his topic helped me a lot to chose the proper batteries :)



- 1x PIC 16F628A microcontroller

- 1x ping ultrasonic sensor

- 1x standard servo motor for the sensor

- 2x continuous servo motors

- 3x 330 ohm resistors for the signal wire of the servos

- 1x breadboard

- 1x buzzer

- 2x LEDs "red + blue"

- 2x 330 ohm resistors for the LEDs

- 1x 20MHz crystal

- 2x 33 pF capacitors for the crystal

- 1x 9 volts battery for the microcontroller and the sensor

- 1x 7805 voltage regulator for the 9 volts battery

- 1x 10 uF + 1x 0.1 uF capacitors for the voltage regulator

- 4x 1.2 volt NiMH rechargeable AA batteries "2450 mAh" for the servos

- some wires

- hot glue + plastic junk for the body :D

- and most importantly a "good brain" :D


Kindly note that:

- this is my 1st attempt, i know the body should be better, i may upgrade it in the future.

- i used the QL-2006 programmer and ProtonBasic compiler to program the microcontroller, my total code is 1146 words from a possible 2048 words for this PIC chip "55.96%".

- electronics & programming are my hobby, i do not work in those fields :)



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is it really nice? although this is my 1st one but your reply is very encouraging :D thank you soooo much

i did not know where to post my topic, so i decided to post it in the beginners forum, i am a beginner after all :D

thanks for your advice, i will try to add it as a robot project soon :)

Nice robot you have there! Perhaps it would be better to add this as a robot project though. You can do this by going to this link: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/add/robot. That way we know that it's a robot! :) Would also be good if you could talk about some problems etc. you encountered whilst building this bot. Just some friendly advice. Also, welcome to LMR! :D