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Mini Internet Controlled Robot Fighting or MICRF

A recent post brought me to this idea. most of use are old and young enough to remember when battling robots graced the tv with their awesomeness. But most of us weren't able to build them let alone ship the robot and operator out to the ring. so what if you only had to ship the robot?

So here was my idea.

what if the robots were small enough to ship cheap..lets say must fit in a medium flat rate box. and someone ran a ring to battle them in with video feed and wifi. we could build the robots, ship them to the ring. log on and battle it out. now there would obviously be some downfalls.


without actually being there we couldnt expect more then a single round because repairs couldnt be made.

controls would be a little laggy. 


but over all i think this would be a fun project.so what do you guys think? what kind of rules should be put in place..would anyone even want to try this? 


here are some links on smaller battling robots to get some ideas





and an idea i have for the robots controller. the ring can have two arduinos with ethernet sheilds and bluetooth modules. commands come in from internet to the arduinos and are brodcast out via bluetooth to the robots. doing this would bring the cost down on the robots because bluetooth modules can be picked up CHEAP.the web interface can be a generic one for each robot with dirrection buttons and a few extra buttons to activate weapons ect.


video can be brodcast from above the ring and from each side.


rules can be simple so it will be easier/cheaper to build robots to follow them

some ideas for rules can be:

robots must fit in a medium usps flat rate box.

no preojectile weapons.

no lithium batteries(i can see one getting punctured being a problem correct me if im wrong)

no weapons that use fire, water, or weapons that shock

rounds are five minutes long or until a robot is not moving. spectators choose a winner in the case or a rounds time limit being met.


this is just my idea i would like to try but cant without input or participation from others so who is in?


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i intend to start on my robot for this soon. sadly i lost my arduino during my recent move so its on hold until it is found or a new one purchased

Double post
I've thought about things like this and might want to give it a shot. I'll keep an eye on this for sure. Cool idea.
I would watch it. Probably not participate, but watch, sure!