Let's Make Robots!

Course in Control of Mobile Robots

In the shoutbox we were discussing about this course.

Is this course something that brings us forward in the control of our mobile robots?

Is anyone from LMR attending this class?

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I've always enjoyed learning and this seems another chance too add a little more, BUT the start date draws near, so if you thinking off joining  in STOP and do it, there no pressure to complete the course  just enjoy it,,,


The link for this went round a club mailling list I subscribe to. I've signed up and looking forward to the course starting at the end of the month. As Jinx said, stretch the old grey cells a bit.

learning in 2013, I did  logic last year lot fun!! got the grey matter turning over, The cousera classes   are laid out well ,lots of  forum support am sure am going to enjoy this one being all things robots, hope too see other members takin advantage and it'S FREE,,so find the time and have fun,