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Servo Guts Connected to Another Motor

I just got a Rover 5 chassis and I was trying to figure out an easy way to control the motors. Would it work to take the electronics from a servo, disconnect the original motor and solder it to the Rover 5 motor?

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If you scroll down to the bottom of the posts, you will see how to get a high powered "servo" to work.

This guy has walked down the road beforre...



The Rover 5 motors have a stall current of 2.5A each so unless you are very gentle or use the guts of super heavy duty servos then I see blue smoke in your future!

Assuming you have the 4 motor, 4 encoder version of the chassis then it will be cheaper to buy the proper 4ch motor driver. SparkFun have them for under $25!

This controller will not only drive up to 4 motors at 4A each but it will also alow you to monitor the current draw and it will take the two outputs of each quadrature encoder and mix them into a single output so you need less external interrupts to monitor your encoders.

I've been wanting to give that a try for some time. I have several working servo electronics that I've pulled to make the old servo a pure gearbox. Like Birdmun said, it depends on the motor power draw and servo size you are using. It won't handle a motor that is much bigger for sure but servo driver electroincs seem pretty strong from what I've played with. If you have an old servo to kill and a motor to try it would be interesting if it works and how long it lasts. You could just set the servo pot in the center and drive it as a regular continuos rotation servo. I may throw one on a gearbox here and run it and see if it poofs or proofs sometime. BUT with that said a good h bridge is a know solid solution and handles most small motors fine.

the current draw of the Rover 5 motor vs the servo motor.

Probably not. It sounds like you're familiar with servos-the answer depends on what you would be using to control the servo electronics. If you're using a microcontroller then probably an h-bridge. If it's a simple radio controller then an ESC.