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Proximity Capacitive Sensor

Hey Guys...! 

I have a Simple question that all people here might answer this. 

Can I Use Proximity Capacitive Sensor UNDERWATER by detecting Dead Human Bodies...?

Thank you Guys for your Wonderful Answers. 

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I would suggest you see if a capacitive touch sensor will work on a cadaver. The next thing I would suggest is to test the sensor function in whatever kind of water you are going to work in.

A very quick scan mentioned something about humans generating electrical fields, and that is what assisted the sensor function. Another concern was distance between the sensor and human. If you get too deep, you would need too much material between the sensor and human to make the sensor work effectively.

Capacitive sensors detect the change in the electrical field between the sensor and the object. The air between the two acts as the dielectric of the "capacitor," if you will. Getting water to perform the same trick is not going to work. It's too good of a conductor.