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First robot buildup....servo speed question

Is it possible to control the speed of a continuous rotation servo?  I'm using two standard servos for the drive wheels of my little Arduino bot,  and want to be able to vary the speed dependent on certain environmental conditions.

Probably a silly question,  but I'm learning as I go!  Thank you...

JD Martin


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Thank you for the reply.....I'm using cr servos,  not standard.  Just two standard 'sized' servos, but modified for continuous rotation.

CR servos still have the part of the circuit that tells them they are "centered". Unless you have perfect components (2 resistors as a voltage divider) or a perfect component perfectly centered (the installed potentiometer), you will have to "play with" the center value. I seriously doubt it will be exactly 90. One other notable exception would be a servo that has the pot accessible. If that is the case, you will be able to tell the servo to center and then adjust the pot to actually make it stop moving.