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Rover 5 2WD with Explorer PCB ... Which Arduino should I use?

Hi all,

Building my first robot here .

I have narrowed down my search in to these

1.Rover 5 2WD

2.Degu Explorer PCB

Not sure which Arduino board to go with , I have hopes of attaching a IR Compound Eye and a spycam later .

Can I do this with Arduino UNO? or should I go for Spider board?

Apart from that what else should I buy to get me going?

Thanks in advance


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Couple of more questions..

If I leave encorders out for now , can I use UNO with pan tilt michanism and a webcam? also some sort of a router to connect to WIFI and transfer data?

Buying arduino mega is not a problem for me , But I cant find spider board hear in UK. Thats why I'm thinking about UNo to make it easy for me.

Plan is to attach webcam to pan and tilt unit and get pictures of faces(of people)  and transmit it to a server to get processed with a face resognition program. then send back the result to rover 5 and display it in a LCD .

Sorry if it doesn't make sense , or please advice me if I'm wrong.

Have a look here: http://robosavvy.com/store/index.php?manufacturers_id=35&osCsid=25ab26abd07048df8e8fab4b01276792

Robosavvy sell our products in the UK including all the parts you have mentioned. One advantage of the Spider over the Mega is that it's 5V @ 3A switchmode power supply can be used to power your WiFi router and webcam.

Originally the Rover 5 and explorer PCB are designed to work with 6x AA NiMh batteries but you can also use a 7.4V LiPo.

Thanks ,

Unfortunately Spider board is out of stock at the moment , guess I'll have to wait till it comes back to stock.

Maybe I'll start with an UNO board for now and start with basic things and get the Spider when it's on stock. Last time I contacted them they said it will take 4-6 weeks for them to get 4 motor version Rover 5 . So I'd imagine this will be the same as well.

Sorry , Double post.

If you get the Rover 5 2WD with the explorer PCB then it has mounting holes on the back for standard Arduino boards. If you don't want to use encoders then an Arduino Uno is fine. If you want to mess with encoders then an Arduino Mega is a better choice.

Unfortunately the Explorer PCB was designed before the Spider so it does not have mounting holes for a Spider. You could still mount a Spider controller but it would have to be in the prototype area.

If you think you will want to make a humanoid or hexapod that uses a lot of servos in the future then the Spider is your best choice.

Thanks OddBot , appriciate your help.

What is the difference between Standard Arduino Mega vs red black Spider? It seems Spider board is crrently not available in UK.

Since this is my first Attempt on robotics I would like to keep things simple on hardware side to avoid any headaches. Electronics is not my strong side so I would like to start with things which involves the minimum effort on harware side. 

Apart from rover setup what other setups are there I can start programming straight away? is this a good choice?