Let's Make Robots!

No really a robot, maybe a help to create one !

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Hi All! Today, i'm present you my last project, a little project, a adaptor for PIC 40 Dips, to reduce the volume of the cable on a protoshield when i want to test a circuit. It's really easy to make one, because it's only a welding work. Mainly, this card reduce the cable who was necessary to make the circuit, and then, the card reduce the problem of a cable who was snatched accidentally. And finally, the card reduce the number of components necessary of the PIC, as the XTAL and his capacitors, because they was include on the shield.

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I am wondering if you had considered moving the capacitors under the PIC as well. You could move them to the other side of the Xtal, and then use a jumper to connect them to ground.