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Encoder Motors for Dagu Wild Thumper 6WD


I understand that Dagu is now offering encoded motors for the Wild Thumper 6WD.

I am in the USA and contacted the Robot Shop to see if they could order them for me

(preferably included with the Wild Thumper kit, 2 motors with encoders).

The response was no, they can't special order this for me.

Where can I get them?



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I know this is an old thread, but perhaps there is someone out there who is still wondering. I just purchased (6x) of the 6V 133 RPM 75:1 25mm motors with Encoders from RoboSavvy.com. Total for all six motors with shipping from the UK to the US was around $100 bucks! Not bad. These are the kind with the flat pancake encoders. They are not as bulky in the back. I have purchased several times from them before and have always been happy with their service. http://robosavvy.com/store/motors-wheels/dc-motors/dagu-75-1-metal-gearmotor-w-magnetic-encoder-6vdc-133rpm.html Hope that helps someone! John


Is there any tutorial or some sample code  in order to make the encoders work with the WT Controller?

The encoders are the same as any Quadrature encoder. Two square wave forms, 50% duty cycle, 90° apart. I have a short tutorial here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24031

Thanks I am checking that.


   I am looking for the Wild Thumper 6WD WITH encoders to use in my grad school project. any chance I can get my hands on one?




Try contacting your local distributor first and ask if they can order you one. Depending where you live it will probably be cheaper. You can order directly from DAGU but the shipping cost might be a killer.

Another option is to buy the chassis from a local distributor and then just buy the motors with encoders from DAGU. The shipping cost will be much cheaper and you end up with two spare motors. You only need encoders on the middle wheels in most cases.

Make sure you specify which gear ratio you want. The 34:1 ratio is good for high speed outdoors but the 75:1 is better for autonomous control. It is half the speed and twice the torque.


Polulu is the local distributor, So i will contact them. Is there anyone else in the USA who i can contact?

I can't seem to find the DAGU website from where to order the motors from? Can you provide me with a link?

Out of curiosity, what approx. will be the shipping charges if i order it directly from DAGU?



As previously mentioned, contact Chris @ Rocket Brand Studios.


Contact Chris at rocket brand studios: https://sites.google.com/a/rocketbrandstudios.com/rocket-brand-studios/

We are preparing an order for him now. If he agrees, we can add the motors with encoders to his current order.