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This is my personal robot Marvin, he is still a project in progress (a robot is never finished). He is build after the Leafproject which is a opensource AI robot project, try doing a google seach on leafproject and robot. He is quite advanced, with speech recognition and Speech using MS speech engine, vision by opencv and roborealm, online newsreader, collision avoidance wtih ultrasound and brain running an AI LISP program. All hardware is custommade by me. The body is mostly aluminium and expanded PVC. I have a blog on www.klitgaard-design.dk where you will find more information.

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i hope to build one like that in the future :D

Great work with this robot, I hope to see mine moving around like this someday!

Great work,
I remember looking at Leafproject briefly a couple years ago.

I have a background in SOA frameworks, and decided to create a robotic system which would work on any platform (Linux, WIndows, Mac, Android) in a similar manner.  If your ever interested, let me know.

Again, Great Project !  

GroG @ MyRobotLab (http://myrobotlab.org)

Thanks for the comment GroG.

Seems like you have the programming skills i would like to have, thats is why i chose a system like Leafproject, which had it all.

I have also been looking at your system some time ago, and now i am again because of HairyGal and his InMoov 3D printed robot, which im a big fan of. Im waiting for my 3D printer to come this week and then im planning to build an InMoov robot too.

Well so many plans.....so little time. But i will be in contact later.

By the way are you not Danish like me ?


Just shout when your ready, I can hear .. I got big ears...
Keep up the great work ! 

Aren't we all Danish ?