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Hey folks,

I thought I would give you a peek a what I do for a living. I just finished this built-in for a HAM radio guy. The bead-board on the back wall is poplar and all hand milled while the desk and shelves are 6/4 and 8/4 African Mahogany. The finish is a hand-rubbed tung oil.


Again, this is for a HAM radio guy so everything revolves around wires. If you look closely, there are a total of (11) 3" grommets. In the back wall, (behind the grommets) is 2 runs of 4" PVC pipe extending from the attic to the basement with a "Y" connector anywhere there is a grommit. There are still 2 more in the floor, plus hangers allowing wires to be zip-tied to the underside of the desk. He wanted something "boat-like" so I added an angled chart table, hinged with storage inside.


Here's the main top with keyboard shelf under. To the left of the picture you can see a recess into the back wall. This is to allow one corner of his main radio to stick into to allow it to sit at a 45. The floor is ash with a dry-rub of the wall paint for color and water-borne poly as a clearcoat.  The curved topcap on the half wall took 3 days to mill and install.


This is the inside of the cabinet under the chart table. I was given a list of all his componants and built the cabinet to fit. This houses the CPU, dvd, cable box, and some other smaller boxes -router etc. It's all a maple plywood with a poplar edgeband. There is no back for cooling reasons and all the electronics work with IR repeaters for the remotes.


Closeup of shelves.


So there you go... This is what I do.

Also attached is a youtube my customer wanted me to see. It's pretty cool and he know the guys in it. It is Jay Leno with the world's fastest texters vs morse code...


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Wow, that looks incredible. My brother (who is into woodworking, but relatively new to it) has built some reasonably fancy projects but nothing that looks that nice :) Of course for the most part he hasn't had a client to pay for the materials and his time, hehe. I assume that was an expensive project? I don't know too much about the various types of woods yet, but I HAVE gotten the impression that a lot of African woods tend to have really interesting grain or spalling or whatever, but tend to be expensive. Anyway, very nice.


When all said and done, including all the subs (the area used to be a bathroom and required a plumber and electrician to move some stuff, plus the carpet) This project lands somewhere around $30,000 to $40,000 plus 15%. Total build time was about a month and a half -Half that time was in the shop and the other half was on site.
That is some beautiful work. I bet he was just ITCHING to set up his equipment as soon as you finished ;)