Let's Make Robots!

Who's your favorite Bot?

If you could walk into your local hobby shop and buy an empty robot shell to build and customize who would you bring home, R2, B9 (Lost in Space), K9 (Dr. WHO) etc?

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Huey Dewey And Louie from Silent Running
I wasn't sure about R2D2 when I saw him for the first time in the 70's. UNTIL I saw him put out a fire on the Falcon. Then I knew- that's exactly what a robot should do!

...lets not take anything away from Frits and both his SHR's....

I want the robot Maria from Metropolis.


B9 from the old Lost in Space Series will always be the robot I think of when I think of ROBOT.   I loved every part of it and wanted one desperately as a kid.  Robbie the Robot rates pretty high too.

I will go with eva from the wall-e movie .Although I like the vintage touch wall-e has .

One that I think it's cool: Johnny 5.