Let's Make Robots!

Who's your favorite Bot?

If you could walk into your local hobby shop and buy an empty robot shell to build and customize who would you bring home, R2, B9 (Lost in Space), K9 (Dr. WHO) etc?

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or R2D2....

I second Johnny 5 although considering how difficult a robot like the Service Droid is to program I think a working Joohnny 5 would be an absolute nightmare to program.

I would really like to get my hands on a Wall E because of the sheer cuteness that little guy has


Man after my own heart.  Of course even though I'm building a K9, it's my second choice (only because the first is unrealistic...)

@ Max   - I nearly made my Frits robot into a Bender!

The 20 of these servo's that I have would easily make a crude but functional/walking/talking Bender. I even thought about using Sono-tube as the body, dryer vent tubing to cover the arms/legs, etc. But I really wanted to make a virtual head like Max Headroom. So I went with the Frits concept instead.....oh well, would-a, could-a, should-a.....

So If I made a "Bender" kit with arms and legs that at least bent like benders (probabley not able to extend and retract) then you would buy 1?

How much would you be willing to pay? what size (realistically)? and how much function do you want (realistically)?

Haha I completely second that, I've even gave it (building Bender) some thought  and then I let it go after a few seconds... those arms & legs :P

...but regarding nostalgia...

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