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Human Skin Replication

I am starting thinking about human skin replication, and would like to coat a robot in it oneday. Silicone seems to be the most popular choice around, but does anyone have any thoughts on the best material?

I was also thinking of replicating 'body warmth' with some kind of 'electric blanket' type wire running through it to make the robot feel the same temperature as a real person.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

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 Latex for all my masks and skins. It is cheaper, more durable and paintable. It is so tough you can barely cut it with a pen knife.Not the foam type latex used on cheap halloween masks, but the brushable type.Make a mold, brush layers in to build up the thickness, then peel it out and you are ready.

The pourable latex(foam) uses plaster molds which you fill to the top, allow it to set for a bit, then pour it out. A thin skin remains against the plaster wall which you allow to dry and peel out. This type tends to dryrot in short order and crumbles apart, but is fairly cheap to buy.

Silicone is very expensive, unpaintable without expensive coloring, and tears/rip easily, although tends to feel more realistic.

As far as heating it for realism....going to use a lot of energy doing that, so unless its a stationary project that can be plugged in, probably not practical. Wires running through it also defeats the stretchable nature for moving areas and realism.


It should be noted that there are a lot of people allergic to Latex.  If the ultimate goal is for human contact be sure to let people know it is latex.  

That would NEVER be a problem for my applications.

Though I have to say I hear echoes of Leonard's hugging robot on BBT or Roxxxy in your plans. http://www.instructables.com/id/Conductive-Rubber-Make-Touch-Sensitive-Robot-Skin/